Growing up by the coast in south of Sweden – known as one of the most scenic places in Scandinavia – Pauline Suzor has always had a keen sense of how to use natural light to create her particular type of visual imagery, marked by harmonious compositions, clean lines and a kind of soft realism. Her creative process is research-based, marked by an intuitive, almost abstract approach to the subject. To her, photography is a tool for exploration, for discovering different ways of seeing and understanding the world around her.
Speaking on her way of working, she has stated that, “creating visual imagery is a collaborative project. On set, it’s important that we trust one another and together create a good harmony. I’m convinced these emotions translate into the images and affect the finished result. As a photographer, I need to be responsive, not only to what is happening in fashion but also in society and culture in general. My aim is to add an awareness of diversity and inclusiveness in fashion photography. Perhaps this is also why I like to be involved in the entire creative process, from casting to postproduction: I want to make sure that the images are the very best that they can be.” Her portfolio includes clients such as Filippa K, H&M Magazine, Arket, So it Goes Magazine, Styleby Magazine, Tôteme and Rodebjer.