Gustav Almestål’s imagery is instantly recognizable due to his innovative and personal approach to colour, lighting, and composition. His images are often infused with a surreal sense of humour, as well as a keen sense for details, which becomes especially noticeable in his subtle use of art historical references. A recurring theme is his interest in philosophy and aesthetics, particularly concerning life, death, and decay – classic subjects in the historical tradition of still life – bringing a multi-dimensional quality to his images.
After having lived and worked in London for several years, Gustav Almestål is now based in Stockholm. His extensive international network is evident in his list of clients, which includes Hermès, Byredo, Vogue Italia, Grand Cuisine, Lexus, Wall Street Journal, SAS, H&M, Artek, Iittala, Wallpaper Magazine, San Pellegrino, Bukowskis, Mr Porter and The Gourmand.