Maria Montti has a unique position in Swedish fashion. Guided more by her vision than superficial trends, she often finds inspiration in avant-garde designs, Swedish as well as international.

Not an ordinary kind of stylist, her creative process is marked by her deep interest in art, design and aesthetics, which defines her holistic approach to fashion. She is widely recognized as an innovative tastemaker, at the vanguard of contemporary fashion. Maria Montti’s expertise has been put to use in a wide variety of projects, such as working with individual clients, creating fashion editorials, visual merchandising and buying, runway shows and designing film costumes. She works regularly with Noomi Rapace and was costume designer for Mark Cousins’ film Stockholm My Love. In addition, she was also the art director for the more than 50 portraits that Johan Lindeberg shot during the Brilliant Minds-conference in Stockholm, including of Pharrell Williams, Marina Abramovic and Jeff Koons.