Still-life photographer Daniel Lindh finds his inspiration in art, painting, and sculpture. With a BA degree in Graphic Design from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, he worked for many years in the advertisement industry before turning his attention to photography. But, his deep understanding of design and art direction is evident also in his current profession. When asked to describe his aesthetics, Daniel Lind explained, “I always aim to create balance in my photographs. I like to refer to it as accomplishing symmetrical asymmetry – working with irregular shapes and objects to bring about a result that feels proportional and well-balanced.” His main focus areas for still life are cosmetics, fragrances, watches, beverages, and accessories. He works internationally, producing both with still and moving images for clients such as Gucci, Cartier, and Christian Dior, as well as – on a regular basis – with Dolce & Gabbana. He also enjoys creating editorials and has worked with magazines such as Dsection, Tush Magazine, and Vogue Mexico.