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Pål Allan has been an photographer since his teenage years. First and foremost he shoots still life, which he does with exquisite finesse and skill. His unique talent is being able to bring inanimate things to life, even the most simple, mundane items. His extraordinary instinct for lighting and angles has attracted a number of Swedish and international clients, including Absolut Vodka, H&M, Electrolux, Kia, Bergdorf Goodman, Siemens, Nokia, Mumm Champagne, NK, Saab, Arla, and Mercedes.

Today, commercial assignments occupy nearly all of Pål Allan’s time, but he has also had his photographs published in a number of books, including “Quatre Mille Champagnes”, “Skakande upplevelser”, "En doft av champagne", “Ingegerd Råman”, and the multiple award-winning “Pontus by the Book”. His editorial clients include magazines as Tush, Residence and Plaza.